London’s Tower Bridge ‘Draws’ You There

London's Tower Bridge

What bridge will you definitely want to see while in London?  The recognizable Tower Bridge!  It was on our “must do list” while visiting London. We had purchased the London Pass so our admission to the Tower Bridge Exhibition was already covered. Because this historic drawbridge is probably the most famous bridge in the world and one of London’s most famous landmarks, we wanted to be sure to see it and go through the Tower Bridge Exhibition.

The Tower Bridge was Showing Off!

London Tower Bridge is most famous bridge
Tower Bridge Shows Off for Us

As we approached, we saw that the bridge was being raised.  It was like the bridge was showing off!!  It was interesting to see the roadway split and lift and watch the boat pass through.  It took a few minutes for the lower section to be raised while the upper walkways remained in place.

Tower Bridge Engine Room
Tower Bridge Victorian Engine Room

The Tower Bridge Exhibition allows you access to the upper glass walkways and to go in both towers (elevators or stairs) where you learn about the history of the bridge and of the workers who kept the drawbridge in motion.  You also get to go into the Victorian Engine Room and see the vintage steam engines that were used prior to 1976 when it was converted to oil and electrical power.  It took about 80 workers and technicians to raise the bridge before it was converted!

Will You Walk Across the Glass Walkway?

I could NOT bring myself to step out on the glass.  Just couldn’t do it because of my fear of heights.  I did sit on the ‘edge’ and even walked out ‘on the beams’.  Yes, I was trying to be brave!  I just needed a little more than glass underneath me to feel secure.

Tower Bridge
Sitting on the ‘edge’ of the glass walkway at Tower Bridge

The glass walkways are definitely an interesting and fun view below you. They’re covered so even in rainy weather, like when we visited, you can see the roadway beneath you (or the River Thames if you are lucky enough to be there when the bridge is raised).

Mont Saint Michel
Walking on the Beam on the Glass Walkway

Here’s a link to the official website where you can see a fun video of what it looks like through the glass floor during a lift.

The views of the river and of London’s interesting architecture were also great from the upper walkways.

Mont Saint Michel
Views from the Upper Walkway
River Thames view tower bridge
River Thames View from the Upper Walkway

But really, it’s all about the history of this famous bridge and watching it operate.  Here are some ‘action shots’!

Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel


Mont Saint Michel

The lower walkway is open to the public, so definitely make time to walk out and see the river even if you don’t have time to explore the towers and walk across the upper walkways.

Tower Bridge walkway
Street level walkway of London’s Tower Bridge is open to the public

We enjoyed our visit to London’s famous Tower Bridge. If you go to London, I recommend you visit this iconic landmark and let it show off for you too!!

Geaux travel!!

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  1. I wouldn’t have stepped out on that glass either. No reason that I can think of to find out if that would really hold me.

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