About Trueheart Travels profile
I am about to bust out and lose it in this photo lol!!     My CARTOON face haha!!

Welcome to TRUEHEART TRAVELS!!  I’m Candy, a Louisiana gal who is traveling and blogging as Trueheart–a family name that’s true to my heart.  I’m sharing my travel experiences, tips, and product reviews and about incredible destinations to help others get inspired to plan, discover, and enjoy their own journeys.

I’m the developer and content owner of TRUEHEART TRAVELS and launched this blog in 2017 (hang in there with me please!).  I love to share practical travel information (and fun photos) and to write about unexpected discoveries that make travel so amazing!   I definitely still have much to learn, but I hope that TRUEHEART TRAVELS will become one of your favorite blogs to follow!

About Trueheart
The “original” Trueheart Travels logo! She was definitely wearing my hair!!

TRUEHEART TRAVELS is a travel and vacation resource where fellow travelers can learn about some amazing places I’m visiting.  Be sure to check out the DESTINATIONS list at the top of the blog.  I’m regularly adding new destinations and topics of interest.

Oh, and you may also want to know that I’m known for finding deals while traveling.  Upgrades at check-in, free amenities, discounted and free nights — yes, I’m all about that!

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