SHARKS by the Beach–and a Half-Eaten Fish!!

sharks at the beach

Would you expect to see sharks swimming within a few feet of the beach, eyeing a floating snack?  It was not what we expected to see one afternoon as we walked along the shore at Orange Beach, AL.  It was an up-close, unexpected discovery –SHARKS!!!                                                                 

Girls’ Trip to the Beach

It was late summer, the perfect time for a girls’ trip to Orange Beach, a popular beach on the gulf coast.  By mid-September, the tourists had thinned out, and even the most popular places weren’t crowded.  The Alabama weather was warm and inviting and just right for enjoying time with our toes in the sand.

sharks at the beach

My friends and I had decided to explore along the shoreline, a chance to enjoy the sights and sounds of the ocean.  The warmth, the white sand, and the waves covering our feet created the perfect setting.  As we walked, we noticed something ahead that was floating close to shore.  It looked like a white container. As we got closer we were surprised to see that it was a fish–well, a half-eaten fish!

A Half-Eaten Fish — Whaaaat?

Beach discovery

So, of course, we took great interest in this partial fish.  Clearly, something had already had a bite.

And only a few feet from the fish AND from us, there were SHARKS circling and coming by to check out the yummy snack.  The crazy part was that we had walked out into the water a few days earlier, beyond where the sharks were swimming.

And now my friends had gotten an idea.   Let’s watch the shark eat the fish, right here in front of us!  And I was taking pictures and video because this could be some pretty awesome stuff!!

The Sharks Needed our Help

But the mighty sea hunters definitely needed our help, right?  My fearless friends were so happy to help.  The tide kept pushing the fish onto the beach.  That’s where my friends decided to help.  But no one would touch the dead fish, and we didn’t have any tools with us (until we found a stick).  Watch as these ladies get creative and use a shell and a water bottle to move the fish!

(NOTE:  I couldn’t resist adding some dramatic music!)

At this point, we were so getting excited.  We all wanted the sharks to come close enough to eat the fish for dinner!  They would come near, then pass by, then circle back, only a few feet from the shore.  The sharks would get close to the fish but not indulge.  They needed more help!!!

What Happened Next?

The sharks came close to the fish many times but finally just swam away  (maybe waiting for us to leave).  It would have been great to see the sharks eat the fish as we stood on the beach only a few steps away.

Yes, we were disappointed that the mighty sea hunters decided to pass on the half-eaten fish that afternoon, but we enjoyed being so close and watching them swim near us.

Shark Adventure Memories

We definitely enjoyed our adventure at the beach that day.  The unexpected discoveries sometimes make the best memories!

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