SHARKS by the Beach–and a Half-Eaten Fish!!

Would you expect to see sharks swimming within a few feet of the beach, eyeing a floating snack?  It was not what we expected to see one afternoon as we walked along the shore at Orange Beach, AL.  It was an up-close, unexpected discovery –SHARKS!!!                                                                  Continue reading “SHARKS by the Beach–and a Half-Eaten Fish!!”

Magnolia Market | Things to Know Before Visiting the Silos

It was a girlfriend getaway weekend, a road trip heading to Austin, Texas.  My friends and I had been wanting to go to Chip and Joanna Gaines’Magnolia Market at the Silos, so we planned a stopover in Waco to Continue reading “Magnolia Market | Things to Know Before Visiting the Silos”

Laurel & Hardy Museum | Exit 1 Mile

Traveling to Myrtle Beach with friends was a long drive from Louisiana. During a lengthy stretch of Georgia highway, we spied a highway sign that read “LAUREL & HARDY MUSEUM, EXIT 1 MILE.”  The guys insisted that this was a “can’t miss” opportunity.  Without a formal vote, our driver took the exit and we were off on a side journey.                Continue reading “Laurel & Hardy Museum | Exit 1 Mile”

Sixth Floor Museum Visit | JFK

The Sixth Floor Museum opened to the public in 1989 as a place for visitors to explore the circumstances and events surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.                                                                                 Continue reading “Sixth Floor Museum Visit | JFK”