Magnolia Market | Things to Know Before You Go

Magnolia Market

It was a girlfriend getaway weekend, a road trip heading to Austin, Texas.  My friends and I had been wanting to go to Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Market at the Silos, so we planned a stopover in Waco to visit this popular destination.  As fans of HGTV’s home renovation show Fixer Upper, we were pretty excited about visiting their market and silos.  Here’s a quick rundown of our visit and a few things you should know if you go.

We drove from Dallas to Waco, arriving late at a hotel that was near the silos (as advertised on the hotel website).  As we checked in, the front desk clerk asked if we were visiting Magnolia Market.  Why yes, we were!  We were not the first carload of ladies arriving in Waco with plans to visit the silos lol!

You Have Parking Options

We arrived at the silos mid-morning (on a Friday), and it was already getting crowded.  We parked a few blocks away and walked the short distance.  There’s a Magnolia Market parking lot behind the silos with limited parking including handicapped.  There is an option to park on free lots in downtown Waco and catch a free ride on the Silo District Trolley that serves the area and drops off at the silos.

Visit the Silos Baking Co


As you arrive, the first of the Magnolia buildings you see is the new bakery, the Silos Baking Co.  Because there was a line of customers The silos in Wacowaiting to go in the bakery to try some of Joanna’s recipes, we headed to the store to begin our shopping excursion–keeping an eye out for some shiplap and subway tiles!!  Unfortunately, the line for the bakery was even longer later in the day.  Silos Baking Co. opens at 7:30 so go early and wait it out if there’s a line.  We missed out.

Magnolia Market Store | Crowded But You’ll Love It!!

Once inside the st0re, we immediately felt Joanna’s style and recognized her design influence on the product selection and displays.  As fans of the show, we noticed staging items used on the show.  Our visit was in June, so there were many summer selections for the home.

At Magnolia Market, you can find home decor, linens, books, candles, vases, paints, inspirational signs, serving pieces, silk flowers and plants, kitchen items, tons of wicker, metal and wooden farmhouse items, and so much more.

You ALMOST don’t notice all of The silos market storethe other visitors, many are also taking pictures and enjoying this experience that Chip and Joanna have created.  You DO notice the sincerity and warmth of the employees, a reflection of the shop owners. 

The market store is divided into two large rooms, so be sure to shop them both.  There are great finds in both, but you’ll find sale items in the lower room in the back.

Demo Day

Metal Signs Made by Jimmy Don

Magnolia Market

at the silos

Yes–You Can Buy a #shiplap         T-Shirt!

Visit the silos

Magnolia MarketThe back room is also where you’ll find a nice selection of wood and metal signs that are designed by Joanna, fun t-shirts including the popular demo day and #shiplap shirts, and Chip’s Corner where you can find mugs, hats, tools, and guy gear.

Outdoor Fun on the Lawn

After browsing and shopping, we headed outside to see the rest of the property.  I LOVE the big green lawn that’s next to the store.  There are swings next to a large play area with games, balls, and chairs provided for use by the kiddos (or husband!s) who are taking a shopping break.

Don’t Miss the Garden Shop

We also walked through the garden area where herbs and seasonal plants are grown.  Magnolia Seed and Supply is their small garden shop where you can find all things gardening including supplies, containers, seeds and succulents, and everything you need for your fairy garden.

 Food Trucks at Magnolia Market!

You’re going to be hungry after a busy day at Magnolia Market.    When we visited, there were about 10-12 food trucks lined up near the picnic area, serving a variety of foods and drinks such as sandwiches, BBQ, pizza, crepes, hot dogs, salads, coffees, and juices.  I had a wonderful grilled cheese sandwich!!

Visit the silos in Waco

There are lots of picnic tables and a covered pavilion for enjoying lunch.  Some people enjoyed the shady seats–keep this in mind in the summer months–on the stage next to the silos.  (I’m not sure if there any plans to use the silos.  They are pretty awesome looking and make a great anchor for the market.)

Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Market at the Silos has definitely become a destination for shoppers, tourists, and fans of their show.   With the selection of merchandise, the family play area, the bakery, the garden area, and the food trucks and eating areas, it’s a great place to spend some time enjoying the atmosphere and being inspired.  I recommend it!!

You Inspire Us!

Awww, this note with my purchase was a nice touch.  Thank you, Chip and Joanna, for inspiring us through the show and Magnolia Market!!


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