Paris on Foot–Gelato Flower Surprise!!


Our afternoon walk around Paris was a great way to see and experience the city, interact with the locals and tourists, and keep an eye out for unexpected discoveries—you never know what you might stumble upon!

To travel is to explore!  And as we strolled down Rue Mouffetard, we found a small plaza square lined with outdoor cafes, bars, restaurants, and shops called the Place de la Contescarpe.  In the middle was a small green space, and it looked like a charming place to take a break from the bustling city life.

Paris gelato flowers
Walking by Place de la Contescarpe in Paris

As we wandered through the square, enjoying the lively destination discovery, we spotted people eating gelato art!!  What!  Decorative gelato?!  We had to check this out.

Where is this gelato shop??

We continued through the small plaza square, and among the shops and stores we found the gelato shop Amorino, a French-based chain, that was

serving the cones of hand-sculpted gelato flowers.  As we waited in line and stared at the incredible selection, the decision was difficult–like at EVERY gelato shop—what flavor?!  I opted for a chocolate and cream.

Gelato flower in Paris
Hand-sculpted gelato flower in Paris

The unexpected discovery–a yummy gelato flower!

I was not disappointed as it tasted even better than the floral presentation looked.

It’s sometimes the unexpected discoveries that take the cake (or let’s say, gelato!) when strolling through new cities.  Look beyond the expected!

Here’s another surprise discovery I’ve blogged about that I hope you’ll enjoy!

Geaux travel!!


8 thoughts on “Paris on Foot–Gelato Flower Surprise!!”

    1. The gelato flowers are very creative, especially with colorful flavors. I actually ate a few bites of mine before taking the photo. It was really pretty–but not too pretty to eat!!

  1. Cream was my favorite gelato flavor during my vacation in Europe. Gelato or Blue Bell ice cream–tough choice.

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