Strolling Through Barcelona — Found Incredible Indoor Excavation!!

What can you find in a three-hour stroll through Barcelona??  We found a large, enclosed archeological excavation from the 18th century at the El Born Cultural Center. WOW!  We could not believe what we had stumbled upon!                                                                                                                         

Barcelona 1700 Excavation is so Interesting

Our plan that day was to see the city for several hours while waiting for our ticketed time to visit la Sagrada Familia. We were exploring on foot and making our way to the Picasso Museum. Well, that WAS the plan.

Barcelona's Arc de Triomf near excavation
Barcelona’s Arc de Triomf

We walked through the beautiful red stone Arc de Triompf (Triumphal Arch) and into the Parc de la Ciutadella (Citadel Park), a beautiful botanical park.

Exiting the park, we noticed an enormous open marketplace building that we could walk through as we were navigating our way to the Picasso Museum. When we entered the building, we were blown away that it was housing an enclosed excavation!  The floor descended into Barcelona of ages past!

Barcelona Excavation Site
Walkway over the Barcelona Ruins

This is way more interesting than the Picasso Museum!

We were at the El Born Cultural Center. The building had previously housed a very large market.  It was being converted to a public library when a discovery of ruins from Barcelona dating back to about 1700 was made. The city decided to preserve this bit of history by repurposing the building as a permanent display of the excavation.

Get a close-up view!!

Barcelona Excavation Site
Barcelona Excavation Up Close Viewing

Visitors to the site get a close-up view of the ruins of ‘Barcelona 1700’. There are walkways that lead around the sides for easy viewing.  There are also stairs that lead down for a closer look.  We enjoyed wandering and taking it all in for about an hour.  A casual observer can quickly see the site in about 15 minutes.

I recommend visiting this unique site because it’s very large and indoors, within the city and near other points of interest, and it has easy access for

viewing. And from a  historical viewpoint, detailed descriptions of the interiors of the houses and the names of the families who lived there really complete the story.

Picture of Barcelona, circa 1775

This picture is displayed at the site.  It is a wonderful example of Barcelona, circa 1775. I found that the entire exhibit did a great job of showing a glimpse of history and the people who lived in the area.

This was a cool find for us and well worth the hour we spent at “Barcelona 1700.” Don’t miss this one.

I think you’ll dig it!!

Geaux travel!

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