AVOID the Cruise Crowd and Enjoy Venice!!

Are you planning to travel to Venice (or any other cruise port city) and want to avoid the cruise crowd?  I have information for you!!

Avoid the Cruise Crowd!

I was planning a trip to Venice, but I kept hearing about the summer crowds and the bottlenecked streets when cruise ships are in port.   With almost 1.5 million cruisers arriving at the Port of Venice each year, the water taxis,  gondolas, and narrow pathways can get really crowded!

avoid the cruise crowd in Venice
Mid-day crowds at St. Mark’s Square in Venice

Since I would only be in Venice a few days, I wanted to make the most of my time there and plan my visit to St. Mark’s Square and other popular sites when the cruisers weren’t in town.  What days were the cruise ships scheduled to be there, and what size were the ships??

Use this Free Tool to Check the Port Schedule

Here’s the answer!  This port schedule website is easy to use and very helpful for planning your trip.  First, select the country/port and then choose the month/year to view.  You will see the dates that the cruise ships will be IN PORT.  You will also see the PORT LOAD, telling you how many cruisers are onboard (if ships are at capacity).  Even if you are considering traveling there on days when ships are in port, the ships may be smaller which is helpful to know.

avoid crowds

avoid crowds

avoid crowds

If possible, plan your trip to Venice on days when fewer ships are in port (from the report above–July 2, July 6, and July 9 are days that there aren’t ships in Venice).

If you see that you’ll be in Venice on days when the port load is heavy (July 1 and July 7), then plan your daytime activities away from St. Mark’s Square and other popular tourist spots.   Instead, head to some of the smaller islands or wander the pathways and discover authentic Venice!  The cruisers generally head back to the ships by mid-afternoon, so the crowds will thin out for your late afternoon and evening enjoyment of the city.

avoid the cruise crowd in Venice
Take time to wander the pathways of Venice

Venice is an incredible city to visit, but it’s one of Europe’s busiest cruise ports and can be very crowded.  Now you know how to check to see when the cruise ships will be there.   That’s it!   Avoid the cruise crowd and enjoy your trip!

Now Plan Your Trip!

Here are a few photos from my trip to Venice.  Had a great time there!

avoid the cruise crowd in Venice
Enjoying time at St. Mark’s Square in Venice WITHOUT the big crowds!
avoid the cruise crowd in Venice
The Bridge of Sighs where prisoners saw their last glimpse of freedom


avoid the cruise crowd in Venice
An early evening stroll through Venice


avoid the cruise crowd invenice2
The historic Giants’ Staircase at the Doge’s Palace
avoid the cruise crowd in Venice
Enjoying the views of the lagoon in Venice

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